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The Contact-Less IC card deployment center (CLIC) is for issuance of contactless IC cards including Basic Resident Registration cards (Juki cards), Interoperability test between contactless cards and contactless readers, and technology consultation on deployment of contactless smartcards. NMDA has pioneered in its effort in ensuring interoperability of contactless IC cards with regard to the introduction of basic resident register cards, and has a foundation capable of contributing internationally to the introduction of e-Passports.
For contact-less cards
* Proximity Communication Interface Implementation Specifications Version 2.0 (PDF:768KB)
* Results of Compatibility Verification Test
* Efforts for Improveed Interoperability of Contactless IC Cards Based on ISO/IEC 14443 Standards (PDF:100KB)
* Compatibility Verification Test Jigs
* Compatibility Verification Testing for Basic Resident Registration Cards (JUKI Cards) and Proximity Coupling Devices - Testing Specifications Version 1.0 (PDF:100KB)
For e-Passports
* Proximity Communication Interface Implementation Specifications for e-Passports Version 1.2 (March, 2006)
* Prototype PKD Interfcae Specification (March, 2005)
* PKD Specification Proposal (ICAO Directory Specifications) Version 1.0 (November 25, 2004)


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